Dentistry Success Stories

Corgi Mix

Dalilah first presented to PVSEC as a puppy for an electrical cord injury. She was treated by the emergency clinic for severe oral burns, ulcerations and pulmonary edema. Dalilah recovered from her initial injuries but had very bad breath and mouth pain several months later. In August 2008, she came to the Dentistry department for evaluation and treatment. Examination and dental radiographs revealed that the electrical cord shock had permanently damaged her teeth and jawbones, resulting in a severe oral infection.

Under general anesthesia, the dead and diseased teeth and bone were removed. Dalilah went home that evening with nerve blocks, pain medication, antibiotics, oral rinses and a soft food diet. At her three-week recheck, Dalilah's mouth was healed and her owner said she had already been stealing sticks away from other dogs at the dog park!